Lassa Tyres

Here at Paul Harrison Cars of Driffield, we fit all Lassa tyres with new valves and tyre balancing free of charge.

165/65/R13 T Lassa
165/65/R14 T Lassa
165/70/R13 T Lassa
165/70/R14 T Lassa
175/65/R14 H Lassa
185/55/R15 V Lassa
185/60/R14 H Lassa
185/60/R15 H Lassa
185/60/R15 T Lassa
185/65/R14 H Lassa
185/65/R15 V Lassa
185/65/R15 H Lassa
195/50/R15 V Lassa
195/50/R15 H Lassa
195/55/R15 V Lassa
195/60/R15 V Lassa
195/65/R15 H Lassa
205/55/R16 V Lassa